Artist of the Month: Leah Klatt


Regan O'Fallon

Vincent van Gogh? Never heard of him. Ottawa High’s very own artist, junior Leah Klatt, has been chosen as the Artist of the Month for October. Klatt has been interested in art for as long as she can remember, and her mother even tells her stories about how she used to paint the walls as a young child.

“I love art because of how it allows me to be creative and expressive,” Klatt said, “Everyone’s art is individual and tells their own story.” Her passion for art can be seen through her outstanding work. One of her favorite pieces is a subtractive portrait of a girl she made out of charcoal that she recently created.

Klatt’s talent has not gone unnoticed by her art instructors. Mr. Kevin Oleson said, “Leah is a very talented artist. She uses her creativity and understanding of the media to produce unique solutions.”

Besides art, Klatt is involved in DoChange, band, art club, and Operation Snowflake. In the future, she hopes to attend college to study graphic design and hopefully have a job in that field. Klatt said, “Even if I don’t, I think art will always be in my life because it has played such an important role so far.”