Bet Your Team Will Win


Bryce Reinmann

“Legal sports betting will take over illegal sports betting but only time will tell, it could be soon or might take a couple years,” Joe West, a sports analyst and journalist said. Many people have a passion for sports, and there’s two different arguments whether or not sports betting should be illegal.

One side of the argument is for sports betting to be legal. There are already a bunch of people who bet on sports even if they’re not of age or if it’s illegal. Many would argue that it’s their decision whether or not they want to waste their money. “If people choose to spend their money on that kind of stuff, they should be able to,” senior Devin Morales said. When people bet for money, they know they have a chance of losing so it’s their own fault if it happens.

“Sports betting is the sterile transfer of money from some people’s pockets into other people’s pockets,” David Blankenhorn a sports journalist said. Illegal sports betting might be dying slow and steadily, but it has a good purpose. Other than just putting their money at stake, people who get involved in sports betting also risk losing their families in a case where their family does not support that hobby.

Whether or not sports betting should be legalized or not, it’s a hot topic and it’s difficult for it to be illegal nowadays because so many people do it. Lately there’s already been a couple of states that have legalized it such as Nevada, Mississippi, New york, and five other states near New York on the east coast. There’s also about fourteen states that are under consideration in letting it be legal too.