Female Athlete of the Month: Katie Kraft


Ellie Gallagher

Not everyone is born a runner, but for some it just come natural. Senior Katie Kraft began
her long distance cross country career only has a freshman. Kraft is now on her fourth year of competitive running, and is one of the team’s greatest strengths, and part of the reason why the team has been so successful this year.
Kraft has improved a lot just in the four years she has been running at school. When she
started her freshman year Kraft claims, “I could barely even run a mile, and now I can do 10”

Cross country coach Dan Heaver says, “First and foremost is Katie’s high level of commitment. This is seen in here off season workouts, putting in extra mileage, running on Sundays. Commitment isn’t just running though, it is organizing and encouraging her teammates to go on runs, leading those optional team runs, recruiting runners to the program and showing the honesty, integrity and unselfishness to lead.”

Kraft says that her favorite part of running is the team environment. She added, “I have
never been on a team where I felt loved and accepted unconditionally. From day one I was
welcomed with open arms without any judgement on my experience as a runner.”

In school, Kraft is also on the track team. After she graduates, Krafts hopes to continue her running career in college.

Although Kraft has only been running for 4 years now, her hardwork and dedication has
really paid off, and she can’t wait to see what the future holds.