Stumped About Your Pumpkin?


Lizzy Martinez

Some people this October might want to spice up their pumpkin carving game. Luckily for them, there is a lot of resources to look at for inspiration. The website,, has up to 46 pumpkin carving ideas that anyone can do. The ideas range from making a little scenery inside the pumpkin to carving it to become a pot for plants. Luckily, they have instructions for each idea. Pinterest is also a popular place to get ideas. There are thousands of pictures and tutorials to help inspired people. Those pictures consist of carving cartoon characters into the pumpkin and how to make a basic jack-o’-lantern face into a crazy one. Plus, there are pumpkin carving videos on YouTube and tutorials on how to even carve in a pumpkin as well if a person needs help on that. YouTuber called, Live Your Style made a video about last minute pumpkin carving ideas.