Fascinating Fall


Andrew Armstrong

What do you think of fall when compared to other seasons? Do you love it? Like it? Don’t really care? Or do you even hate it? This article discusses just three of the many opinions that people have on fall.

Fall is loved by some students, one of whom is senior Brenden Gibson. “Fall is my favorite season. It has the best type of weather, and it’s spooky season,” Gibson said. I happen to agree with him, as fall is also my favorite season mainly because it’s the type of weather where I can dress comfortably, and it contains my favorite holiday, Halloween. Although some students feel slightly differently.

“Fall is my second favorite season. I think that spring beats it out,” senior Logan Olszewski said. Some students, such as Gibson and Olszewski, think positively of fall, while other students don’t think so highly of it.

“Fall is definitely my least favorite season. I prefer summer, spring, and even winter over it,” senior Declan Kennedy said. It’s understandable why some people don’t like fall. Some people prefer shorts and t-shirts instead of jeans and sweatshirts, some don’t like seeing the warmth of summer fade and some love seeing the green leaves of trees instead of bare branches left after all the leaves fell to the ground.

In a survey taken by today.yougov.com, 30 percent of 18 – 34 year old Americans think that summer is the best season, making it the most popular among that age group, in second comes fall with 26 percent of the votes, in third is spring with 21 percent, and winter ends up in last place with only 13 percent of the votes