Riva’s Marriage Project

Lizzy Martinez

In Chase Riva’s Adult Living class, you can hear the wedding bells ringing. The students are planning weddings and will marry their “spouse.”

Riva paired up two students from each of her classes to experience the hardships and the fun of planning a wedding. Riva said, “They can see what it is like to communicate and make decisions with someone else.”

With this said, the students went through this project with some ups and downs. Certain things made the planning difficult like maintaining the budget that was given or even having an agreement on a certain decor for the wedding. Junior Rayonna Cornstubble said, “Finding the prices and the summary of the reception of the wedding and some of the items’ prices kept changing.”

Students made guest lists and even planned their whole honeymoon as well. The students took their time to get creative and make a themed wedding like senior Brindy Gutierrez. She and her partner planned a destination wedding in Mongolia. Their whole decor and wedding attire is reflected Mongolia’s climate.

The wedding project is to show students that it takes a lot of time and communication to make it successful. That being engaged will either help the couple understand each other or they’ll fall apart. Riva said, “My hope for my students is that they do fall in love and get married one day and get to plan a wedding for themselves. By doing this project, they now go into that important part of their life with expectations and know what needs to be done and the time and commitment it takes to plan a wedding.”