“A Nightmare Before Christmas” Halloween or Christmas?

Lizzy Martinez

Apparently, no one has any idea if the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” directed by Henry Selick, is a Halloween or a Christmas movie.

“I usually watch this movie during Halloween and Christmas time. So I considered it to be both.” Said an anonymous junior while senior Teigan Williams said, “I would say a Christmas movie, for the simple fact that the plot is around and progressed by the holiday and the things attributed to it.” Although Senior Matthew Sondgeroth said, “It starts off in Halloweentown so I thought it was a Halloween movie. Then it ended up being Christmas theme, so I thought it would be both. But I can see it more to be a Halloween movie though.” There are even articles debating on what the movie centers around.

The website Popsugar got Selick’s answer on the matter. Quinn Keaney said, “The director went on to explain that although the story of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ involves quite a bit about Christmas and that he’s consistently told that people ‘love [the movie’s] Santa,’ the core of the film is devoted to a love of Halloween and all of the spooky inhabitants of Halloweentown.” Even with that in mind, fans online usually still discuss and debate this important matter.

The movie is about Jack Skellington who accidentally came upon Christmastown and since he was sick of the same old spooks, he became inspired. As the Pumpkin King, he plots to put Christmas under his control and become the “new” Santa Claus. Even with the plot, it’s still up for debate. People could watch the movie and decide for themselves once and for all if “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a Christmas or a Halloween movie.