The Wombats Album Review

Andrew Armstrong

Beautiful people may ruin your life, but inspire good music

It’s been three long years since British rock band The Wombats’ last album, “Glitterbug” was released. They released their fourth studio album “Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life” February of this year. The extended version was released November 9.

The album has some chill, laid back songs, such as “I Don’t Know Why I Like You but I Do” and “Out of my Head.” These songs are perfectly balanced with more upbeat pop-rock songs like “Black Flamingo” and “Cheetah Tongue” The extended version adds the songs “Bee Sting,” “Oceans” and an acoustic version of “Lethal Combination.”

For my favorite song, I’m stuck between two. “White Eyes” is my favorite of the pop-rock songs because of its catchy guitar riffs and interesting lyrics, but “Out of my Head” is my favorite of the chill songs because of its ear worm of a chorus and smooth basslines.

If I had to rate the album, I would give it a healthy 7.5/10 because of how catchy some of the songs are. The album is great, but it isn’t anything special or revolutionary in the world of music, which is why I’m not giving it a higher score. Don’t let my 7.5/10 stop you from listening to the album yourself. Give it a spin and see what you think. I hope you enjoy it as much as or even more than me.


Senior Drew Shreve is another student who thinks positively of the album. “So after listening to the whole album, I’d say that I love it. It has some interesting instrumentation and some other worldly vocals,” Shreve said. “I’m sold and anticipate the next album. It’s my third favorite indie/alternative rock band.”

“I think it’s a lot more positive of an album than the title suggests,” lead singer Matthew “Murph” Murphy said in an interview with

Is it worth getting the extended version of the album? Yes, it seriously is. The regular album that came out in Feb. costs $8.19 on iTunes and the extended version is only $9.99. According to the average cost of an album on iTunes is $12.16, and most albums by big artists are normally $11.99