What to Wear to Holiday Parties

Ashley Nona

Depending on your style, holidays mean something different for everyone. Some might wear pajamas all day, while others spend hours getting ready.
If you are going to a family party and want to look better than all of your bratty cousins, here are some ideas for you. Velvet is a trendy item this year and is perfect to keep warm without feeling suffocated. A velvet high-neck top with bell sleeves tucked into some high-waisted jeans is a wonderful casual look while still looking put together. Pair it with mules for a more fashionable feel or a pair of clean sneakers to be casual.
However, if it’s a dressy party, the less casual the better. Sequin dresses with a faux fur
coat make a statement without making you look like a disco ball. Makeup can also make you stand out if you aren’t comfortable with clothing. Red lipgloss pulls together any look, along with gold eyeshadow. If you want more abstract makeup, bright-colored eyeshadow or a lot of blush is a very good option.
Or if it’s neither and it’s strictly business, there are plenty of options for you. Blazer
dresses are one of the newest trends this winter, and easy to find. They often come in many styles such as striped, belted, or solid colored. If dresses aren’t your thing, matching sets are comfortable and making a statement. Straight legged pants with a matching jacket and a solid colored turtleneck will work perfectly fine.
If you are going out for the holidays, always remember it’s comfort over fashion, but it’s great and not hard to combine both. In any case, make sure to stay warm and stay safe.