Artist of the Month: Shelbi Walsh

Artist of the Month: Shelbi Walsh

Kaitlyn Wilson

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new Pablo Picasso, senior Shelbi Walsh. Walsh landed this month’s spot for artist of the month due to her hard work and major talent.

Walsh started to realize that she really loved art when she was a freshman. She started in Art I and now takes AP Art. “Doing different projects really helps me challenge myself,” Walsh said. She likes the practice and hopes to better develop her skills. Her favorite project so far has been the gourd watercolor painting because she loves working with watercolors.

Walsh has participated in an art class all four years of her high school career. “What I like best are all the unique projects that we do with all the different materials,” Walsh said. She has even been in Art Club since her sophomore year. She likes that she can get together with other students who also like art.

Her art teacher, Paula Carroll, said that Walsh has a great sense of humor. She makes the class laugh, and sometimes the class laughs at her. “I like that she is very teachable. She takes criticism well,” Carroll said. Walsh has fun with her work and always gets her projects in on time.

Senior classmate Emily Baker said that Walsh is a bright person and that is reflected in her artwork. “She tends to be abstract and colorful in her work and in her life,” Baker said. “Her art is familiar like home, and so is she.”

Outside of art, Walsh plays soccer, wrestles on the new girls wrestling team and is in Honor Society. She plans to eventually pursue a career as a nurse. Keep up the good work, and good luck in your future endeavors.