Nov. Artist of the Month: Lexi Davis

Pamela Billings

Art is a way to speak for those who can’t form the right words. It’s become a way to tell a story without ever writing a single word. For senior Lexi Davis, it’s that and so much more.
Alexandria “Lexi” Davis has been creating art for ten years. It’s her second voice. “It’s allowed me to express things that can’t be said in words, and I don’t know who I would be without it. The fact that I can create whatever I want out of nothing still gets me after all these years. Art is my first love.” Davis is in AP Art, taught by Paula Carroll, and it’s her favorite class. She says it’s a place that invites helpful brainstorming and laughter.
In AP Art, Davis is described as committed by classmate Felicia Lalla. “She’s very invested in her work. She asks the important questions and isn’t afraid to ask for help.” Not only does her classmate find her dedicated, but Carroll sees the passion behind Davis as well: “She’s always trying to take a project to completion, making it portfolio ready. It’s amazing to see more of her personality show from freshman year.”
For her future, Davis wants to be a concept artist for video games or animated movies. Davis said, “Anything where I can be a part of an amazing final product would be a dream career for me.” She plans on attending a university in Chicago that focuses on illustration or commercial art.
To any aspiring artists, the best advice Davis has is to practice because you have to grow through experiences and mistakes.