Senior Season

Peyton Madden

The cold Friday nights, the hot chocolate in hands, the loud cheers and all the fans and parents cheering on the team: for the seniors it was their last experience, whether being on the field playing the game, performing for the fans during halftime or cheering on the football team for the last game of the season.
As football season comes towards the last home game, it can be an emotional time for the senior athletes as it might be the last time they step onto the field, step on the track to cheer or dance during half time.
“I like that we get to walk out on the field with our families. I’ll get emotional because it could be the last time in my life that I’ll ever get to put on my shoulder pads and helmet, but it’ll get bitter sweet,” senior football captain Jake Ovanic said. It’s not just the students who get emotional. It’s also the parents, who come to see their children play for the last time.
Senior night recognized seniors and their parents from football, cheerleading, poms, band, cross country and athletic trainers.
“What I don’t like: knowing that after senior night, my entire career might be over. I will miss football and being able to go out on the field with some of my best friends,” Ovanic said. It’s always a sad time to say goodbye to something you love doing, but all good things must come to an end.