Princesses for a Day

Alicia Graham

“Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.” A fairytale came true when the Pirate Poms held their annual Princess Tea Party fundraiser on Oct. 19 in the OHS cafeteria.
At the event 32 girls ranging in age from four to nine came out for an afternoon full of different princess-related activities, which included building sugar cube castles, making tiaras and dancing.
“My favorite part was dancing and dressing up as a princess with the big girls,” partygoer Alyssa Gerding said.
“The Tea Party is a great chance for the little girls to spend time with the Pirate Poms, who they look up to and admire,” Coach Alaina Weatherford said.
The Pirate Poms enjoy the experience just as much as the party goers do. “I love seeing all the girls dressed up as princesses. It’s really cute and a lot of fun,” senior Grace Gerding said.
The Pirate Poms Princess Tea Party raised $650 for the team, which they will put towards their competition season fees.