Oct. Artist of the Month: Cori Lindig

Madison Vath

“Artist of the month doesn’t necessarily have to be someone in art,” teacher Lisa Kerestes said. “It can be someone who’s in band, choir, drama…” Hmmmm, I thought. What about all of the above?
Senior Cori Lindig has done it all. From summer plays to ILMEA (where high school students from all over Illinois audition for a choir) to spending a few weeks in New York, he has proven time and again that he’s ready for whatever musical challenges are thrown his way.
In addition to regular band and choir, Lindig is in Jazz Band, Jazz Choir, Drama and other clubs and organizations. He also does community theater outside of school during the summer months.
“Cori always exhibits high energy and enthusiasm and always tries to get other kids excited with what we’re doing,” band director Andrew Jacobi said. Lindig is also a drum major for Pep Band, which means he helps lead them in marches and keeps them in time with the music.
Since the moment Lindig opened his mouth, he’s been singing. He joined his first choir in fifth grade and started vocal lessons later that year. From there, he’s been steadily improving. He does ILMEA Solo & Ensemble every year and now holds the office of president in concert choir. Leading by example, he personifies what a young leader should be and is always ready to lend a helping hand to people who have music-related questions.
“Cori is one of the hardest workers. When you ask him ‘learn this, do this’ he’s going to get it done in time and probably have even more than what you need done,” choir director Spencer Rockford said.
Lindig did his first show at Engle Lane Theater as the Sour Kangaroo in “Seussical the Musical” at 11 years old. He says, “My first time on stage was the first time I felt like I belonged.” He plans to study Musical Theater at the American Musical and Dramatics Academy, where he went this past summer to participate in the summer musical theater program. He obtained a scholarship and hopes to attend the school this coming June. In his own words, “I knew the stage would be part of my life forever. Now it is my life.”