Guess Who’s Back?

Alexandria Merkerson

Cans, plastic and everyday trash: You might think they’re the same, but let me tell you, they are NOT.
Recycling is back at OHS and is moving at a steady pace. Recycling is very important to the world and the people living in it. The Earth Club works hard on many environmental projects, and bringing recycling back was one of their main ones recently. So far, both teacher work areas and the band/ choir rooms have been stocked with recycling bins, with the eventual goal of being in every classroom.
The standing problem is finding a carrier to pick up the bins’ waste from the school. Currently, the members are taking the trash in their cars.
Three-year member, two-year President, senior Kaylee White is headstrong and opinionated on the idea of recycling. “The school’s recycling is a small way for me to help my earth. I’m just one person who can’t change much, so it’s my way of making a difference,” White said.
Earth Club adviser Jessica Overocker shared her opinion on the challenges with having the recycling program. “Companies don’t make money doing it, so they refuse to. Instead of doing something because it is ethical and good for the environment
and nature, they are worried about the money.”
Even if you don’t feel strongly about saving the earth, we can all admit recycling is a good thing. Senior Kevin Saar said, “Recycling is a good thing; it should have never left.”