Homecoming Royalty

Alicia Graham

Being elected to represent your school as a member of the homecoming court is one of the biggest honors a student can recieve. But after being elected, what do members of the court actually do?
According to senior attendant Jenna Nink, court has several responsibilities. “There are lots of fun group activities including dress shopping, the assembly, the football game and the homecoming dance,” Nink said.
Being on court is not all fun and games though. It can also be a very stressful experience. “It was hard picking out dresses and trying to please everyone, as well as the short amount of time we had to do it. We also have to get dressed up three times, which is hard to make appointments for all three days,” Queen Ashley Pacholski said.
For the guys on the court, things are a little bit more relaxed though. Without having to make several hair and makeup appointments or having to spend a whole day dress shopping, King Noah Hardy said that all the male court members had to do was “be safe and have fun with it.”
Even though court has many responsibilities, it is a great opportunity to represent the school and have a lot of fun. From getting all dressed up for photoshoots to being on a float in the homecoming parade, court members truly get to live glamorous lives for a week. So to future court members: make the most of the experience because it doesn’t last forever. “For people on future courts, I would tell them to take things slow, make the experience fun, don’t worry about what other people will think and get your homework done in advance,” Pacholski said.