Oct. Female Athlete of the Month: Hannah Duggan

Saffron Walter

Ready “fore” some golf? Hannah Duggan is. The freshman has already made her mark as a female golfer.
Duggan said how she had been taught by her father to play at a young age. “I started when I was about 10 . . . I like that it was passed down to me, and I really enjoy it.”
However, as for a future career in playing the sport, Duggan is undecided. Though, she does plan to play throughout high school and into college as a hobby. Hobby or not, she scores quite well.
“Usually, when I’m playing good, I’ll score in the 40s.” (That is a good score by average female golfing standards.) At this rate, she will, no doubt, have a good future in golf. However, that future depends on how many girls join.
According to Coach Keith Budzowski this is the first year that Ottawa High has had an actual girls team. Due to the team being new this year, their brackets haven’t been properly set up. As a result, the girls will often be playing against their male counterparts in order to play a game.
“Realistically, we only need 6 girls to field a female golf team, but I feel once word spreads that OHS has a competitive female golf team we will see those numbers drastically increase,” Budzowski said.
So if any girl is interested in golf, she should consider joining the team next year. Talk to Budzowski in Room 604 or Gunderson in Room 210 for more information.