Oct. Male Athlete of the Month: Keegan Nagle

Alexandria Merkerson

This month’s male AOTM is cross country runner senior Keegan Nagle. Nagle has participated in track and cross country every year since freshman year. He runs to stay in shape and doesn’t miss a beat. He practices with the team every day after school and attends the Saturday and Tuesday meets. He’s proud to be on the team because “We’re a tight knit group.”
When running, his pump-up artist is rapper Kanye West, and he thinks about anything that isn’t running. He paces himself because he “gets tired fast” even though his “lengthy long strides are a great advantage.”
Because he’s been on the team for four years, some look to Nagle for advice. Teammate Lexi Serna said “He’s super encouraging. When you get tired, he’s always there, pushing you to keep going.”
“We’re a young team with a lot of potential. It’s great seeing and helping them develop,” Nagle said. He doesn’t plan to continue running cross country after high school, but does plan to attend a Big 10 school and study sports marketing.