Talk Poetry to Me

Rhianna Brown

Sophisticated snaps fill the air to appreciate the art of poetry capturing life. Whether a simple rhythmic pattern or complex poem, the art of poetry blooms in many colors. Starting Aug. 30, English teacher Mark Cartwright overlooks the school’s poetry club’s first meeting.
Poetry Club is under the radar and barely heard of. Flipping through the yearbook pages, OTHS’s Poetry Club members of 2018 are located all the way at the end in group photos. Although the Poetry Club may be hidden, the students who gather and speak with passion and emotion are the true gems that shine. The importance of having this club is more than just a friendly gathering of eating an amazing potluck at the end of the year. Poetry contains an overload of essential importance to every age group.
Students enjoy the fun memories they make with everyone else who partakes in the club. Senior Felica Lalla attended the first meeting and read a poem aloud at the podium. “It’s been incredible getting to know both new faces and old through their word choices in poetry,” Lalla said. “I can tell this year will be the best yet.” Lalla was introduced to Poetry Club by a friend and has frequently attended for several years.
Out of all the ways poetry educates, reading poetry continues to have people learn and gain more knowledge. Poems can reveal mysteries and complexities slowly or suddenly. Over time as people mature, they notice the subtle and extraordinary meanings that were hidden before.
Poetry Club welcomes all students to come and be a part of the activities. As Cartwright said, “We’re just a unique bunch of people sharing our uniqueness.”