Pirates in Paradise

Saffron Walter

Have you ever considered traveling around the world? Several students and faculty members traveled the world this summer.
One trip this summer was to Ireland. Senior Christian Close went with a group of students and teachers to many different places within Ireland while on the trip, including Dublin, Galway and Killarney. He also walked around the Ring of Kerry and visited the Blarney Stone and Bunratty Castle. On the trip, he did a lot of sightseeing, shopping and enjoyed the native foods.
He said that his favorite aspect was the sightseeing and that he would also definitely recommend the trip, since there was something there for everyone.
Spanish teachers Angie Nowakowski and Doug Hearn led the trip to Italy and Greece. Nowakowski, Hearn and senior Randi Heth said that they enjoyed the food and culture, but there were two things they all mentioned in particular: the trip to the beach and the night when a traditional celebration was held. The beaches were beautiful, and the dancing, food and the tradition of breaking of the plates was quite fun for all involved.
All of them recommended travelling, especially Nowakowski. If you’re interested in going on this year’s trip, you may ask social science teacher Tracey O’Fallon in Room 610. Though she is interested in going to Greece this year, according to her, nothing is set in stone yet.