Focus Like a Laser

Alexandria Merkerson

You’re not really a Pirate until you’ve walked on 600 and heard social science teacher Matt Smith belt out “Welcome to class.”
Even though he’s retiring next year, he doesn’t slack at all on the rules or his cell phone policy. If you get caught on your phone in his class, you’ll be called several things ranging from a “slacking slacker,” “a delinquent” or “an illegal phone user.” Janiya Jones, 2019 graduate, said “He genuinely cares about the students on personal levels and goes above and beyond to make the class enjoyable for each student. “
Because Smith travels for work, once he gets home, he usually eats and relaxes, which includes reading history and watching his favorite NIU football player, Michael Turner. If you get the chance, take one of his classes (Minorities, American Government or US History), or stop by to say hello, and let him know you’re “focused like a laser.”