Let Your Creativity Soar


Dakota Roman

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see,” – Edgar Degas

It seems as if art clubs are one of the most underrated clubs in high school, however, it is probably one of the most important. Art is a silent way of expressing one’s self which can be hard to do as a teenager. Joining the OTHS Art Club could be beneficial for students who currently are into art or would like to improve their skills.

You do not have to be a breath-taking artist to be a part of art club for art is just another way to express yourself, “The art club is open to all levels of artists regardless of experience or ability,” said OTHS Art Club Sponsor Kevin Olesen. All students are encouraged to join the club if they have an interest in art or a unique hands-on experience.

Also, the OTHS art club members are accepting of others and understand that everyone has a unique way of making art. There are various activities that the Art Club participates in not only drawing or painting. According to Kevin Olsen some other activities include carving pumpkins, making holiday themed cards, and other projects decided by the students. If someone has an idea it is more than likely taken into consideration because art belongs to the creator.

Besides expression, there are a few other good reasons to join the high school’s art club: socialization, making new friends and learning from other artists. Julian Lovegrove, an artist and writer for her own blog said, “Working together in small groups is more rewarding . . . as well as meeting like-minded people.” Expanding friendship circles as well as art knowledge is a huge profit when joining art club, not to mention all the creative art pieces the artists make. Once more, meeting new people is inevitable in art club, “You can be sure you’ll meet a bunch of inspiring and creative people with whom you likely have a lot in common,” said Left Side Art publishers.

The OTHS Art Club has much to offer the students who decide to join. It is a wonderful opportunity to grow artistically and socially.