Mental Health During a Pandemic


Dakota Roman


Alone in a room, staring at a computer screen, a heavy weight in both their chest and shoulders, they sit for hours wondering when the days will be normal again and when the panic will end.

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, the shutdown and e-learning there has been a noticeable decline in mental health which is affecting an abundance of people: students, teachers and parents. This pandemic is a catalyst for mental health struggles especially for high school students.

As previously mentioned, students are one of the groups whose mental health is at risk; students are more depressed and anxious now than before. Also, stress levels are on the rise along with the increased nervousness and loss of interest. Ray Schroeder, a writer for Inside Higher Ed, insists that online learning can be detrimental to students’ mental health. “The radical change in lifestyle can feed loneliness, anxiety, and even lead to depression.” Schroeder is correct in his statement for students are truly feeling down.

Senior Gary Sifuentes said he has felt more anxious, stressed, and depressed since the start of the pandemic. “I can’t go out into the school and talk to people. Because I am more anxious and depressed school is harder and I am less motivated.”

It is plain to see that COVID-19 is negatively affecting the mental well-being of students. Students need social interaction with their friends and teachers not to mention a normal schedule to stay mentally fit. Around 80 percent of students are having trouble maintaining focus on their school work while 20 percent have noticed their mental health deteriorating as reported by Active Minds. Once more, due to the pandemic students are not receiving the proper stimulation needed which is harming them in ways that are not that noticeable.

Mental health is serious so it should never be over looked. Teenagers have a hard time coping with their mental stability as it is and the pandemic is not helping. In the end, everyone should be looking out for and supporting one another.

Hopefully, this pandemic ends soon and everyone’s schedules and lives will go back to normal. Always remember to take care of yourself, stay positive and that this pandemic will come to an end.