Racing to the Finish Line


Alora Hyatt

The cross-country season came and went faster than you can say go. From mid-August to late October, the runners gave it all they had while still following the social distancing rules and wearing masks at all times.

The pandemic changed many aspects of cross country, but that didn’t stop anyone from having fun. Since only a few sports were deemed safe, the team had more support from our cheerleaders and even had the drum line, but they still had less fans to celebrate with them. Junior Deklan Ragan says “The difficult part is not being able to have many fans there cheering you on. It’s a huge moral boost.” Ragan also adds that it is an important test of their character to see how well they hold together as a team in spite of all the difficulties they may face.

Like everything else, some aspects of cross country were cut short. Things like ultimate frisbee and the Tones Cones run did not happen this year, but the runners kept pushing forward and helping each other along the way. Junior Gabby Buendia says, “I like cross country because of the way the team is supportive. No matter what level you’re at, everyone pushes you to be the best you can be.” The cross-country team’s good attitude and perseverance, along with the coach’s efforts to make it enjoyable, made this season one to remember. Junior Lauren Haff reminds her classmates that being a good runner comes from your mentality and how you approach running mentally. She said, “Running is 90 percent mental. If you don’t have the right mentality and you don’t believe you can do it, you will not follow through.”

Even though this year has brought many challenges, the team was determined to get the results they wanted. The girls cross-country team won five of their meets, and overall, everyone had a great season. Everyone is excited to see what next year brings and how the cross-country team will tackle its obstacles. This year is one we will certainly never forget, and despite all the heartache it has caused, the team made memories that will last even longer.