Keep Your Head in the Game


Alexandra Boe

As the sweat started to run down the players faces, they made it to the end. Due to Covid, many sport seasons were postponed. However, the girls still had their tennis season. It was a successful season, but sadly came to an end.

Covid took away a lot, but didn’t stop them from doing their best. Junior Grace Satterfield said, “this year’s highlights were winning Sectionals and all the fun tournaments.” The girls achieved so much and never stopped fighting to become better players. Winning Sectionals was an honor and very rewarding for the players especially with all that was taken from their season.

The team was grateful when the band was able to play at some of the tennis matches. “Having drumline play before some of the matches this year was one of the best things because it made people smile,” said senior Savanna Nelson. Having the support from the band was appreciated by many. 

Although there were ups and downs, senior Marta Johnson said “It was a great group of girls. Although not the season we expected, having some normalcy of playing tennis was amazing. Even though we didn’t have State, it was a huge accomplishment having six girls qualify.”