Taking a Leap of Faith

Alexandra Boe

Senior season is here for the class of 2021. With that being said, college applications are out and rolling. The anxiety is through the roof for many people with the search for the best along with the application process. All of that stress in the midst of a pandemic. Covid had made things more stressful than ever before.

For example, some athletes are being forced to commit to their schools blindly due to the virus restrictions and not being able to visit on campus. Being able to tour the campus is a major deciding factor in the decision, and having that taken away is nerve wrecking for all those athletes.

Many students face difficulties with the application process. It’s stressful and without a counselor to guide seniors through it in person, we are faced with another challenge on our plates. Deadlines aren’t nice during this time. Senior Bhumika Patel says: “It was so stressful verifying that I had everything I needed before the Early Action deadline arrived.”   

As a senior, it’s mandatory to find the balance between school work and the college process. Make the best decision and be confident about it. Senior Mary Riva said: “Regardless of how difficult it is with Covid, never stop working hard.”