An Election to Remember

Leah Reed

This year’s election saw record high voter turnout, with at least 159.8 million votes cast around the country.   

While Biden is the projected winner of the election, Donald Trump is calling for a recount in states where votes were close, such as Georgia and Michigan.  His call for recount came after a spike of votes in favor of Biden showed up in Michigan.  “While all indications suggest that Mr. Biden has succeeded in defeating Mr. Trump, it’s still close enough in four states — Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia — that the contest remains unresolved,” said New York Times journalist Emily Cochrane. 

Many people have criticisms of both President Trump and President-elect Biden.  While some Democrats are in favor of Joe Biden’s presidency, others believe that there is more work to be done to progress America’s future.  “Both candidates seem so much different from one another, which is why I think the political parties are so divided this year,” said junior Jaide Willet. 

There is a similar circumstance regarding Republicans’ views on President Trump.  Some Republicans believe that Trump was a good candidate for President due to his charisma, but other Republicans believe he is not qualified for the job.   

“It was a very long election.  I expected Trump to win because he is an incumbent, but I was also not surprised to see Biden pull in the lead,” said junior Brody Burress. 

To most U.S. citizens, this election is not over, but it will go down in history as one of the most intense elections ever.