New Starbucks

Abby Wawerski, Journalist


Whether or not you like Dunkin or Starbucks better, there’s a new Starbucks being built right next to the Culver’s here in Ottawa!

Now I myself is very excited about having a Starbucks here. However, there is some controversy about where and why exactly there is another Starbucks being built here in Ottawa, one of the main reasons for this controversy is the location. The reason being for this is because a few years back there was already a Starbucks across the street from where the new one is currently being built, and that one failed.

The location definitely isn’t loved by many and in all honesty not the best location for a Starbucks seeing as it is a kind of sub-cluded and away from everything else and could honestly be seen as having to go out of your way for your morning cup of coffee, if it’s not on your way to work or you don’t live close by.

However, there are some positives that come with the new Starbucks’s location, seeing that it is by most the popular hotels guest’s stay at while visiting town. Another perk to this Starbucks being close to the most popular hotels in Ottawa is that not everyone is a fan of Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee so guests at such hotels who prefer Starbucks will now have the conviene and option of a Starbucks.

Another reason why adults and people who have been in this town when the old Starbucks was here and are old enough to remember it are shocked is because of how