How Hands-On Classes Have Changed

Julia McLean, Journalist

The next Pablo Picasso. Hood used cardboard and ink to create a portrait of Abraham Lincoln in AP Art. I was experimenting with what I could do on a piece of cardboard. I used the ink as paint. It was fun and easy to make,” senior Drew Hood said. (Julia McLean)

How different do you think classes are this year? Teachers have had to change their curriculum due to COVID restrictions. Teachers and students alike have had issues adapting to the new style of learning covid has brought into their lives. Art, Sewing, and Foods are some of the classes that have changed the most.

Art was online, causing students to struggle without the individual help they required to stay on the right track. “Art has been so different being remote….it’s harder to have others critique your art. I also miss having the weirdest yet interesting conversations with other students,” senior Drew Hood said. Hood is in AP Art and is a talented artist. He has faced issues with this final art class but, still makes beautiful pieces.

Sewing has had to make extreme changes to the curriculum. Mrs. Kelly Granados usually uses sewing machines the majority of the year, but the students were not allowed to take the machines home this year. This made the class have to change completely. The students learned hand stiches and embroidery along with many other at-home projects. “I didn’t know what to expect when I selected the class, but even during this situation Mrs. Granados has found ways to keep the class interesting and fun,” sophomore Landon McAlpine said.

Foods has also changed a lot of things especially, the cooking part. Worksheets and quizzes have stayed the same just switched to online forms. Students now send in videos of themselves cooking. The teachers watches the videos and grades them based on their ability to

follow the steps and produce the correct results. “Foods has changed a lot because we only cook half the time,” senior Michael Bruner.

Remote learning has been hard for students and teachers, but everyone is making do with what they have. The classes are no longer exactly what students think they are signing up for but, that does not mean the classes are any less informational. Students this year are getting a completely different curriculum than previous years, but that does not necessarily mean it is bad.