New Pets

Leah Reed, Journalist

Many students and faculty recently got new pets to spice up the new quarantine lifestyle.

Some of these pets include some that are more traditional, like dogs or cats, but also some rather unconventional pets, like frogs and hedgehogs.

Senior Colette Methling got an English Golden Retriever over the summer. His name is Toby, and he is less than a year old. “Honestly, I wasn’t thrilled at first about driving to Ohio to pick up a puppy that was going to turn my life into chaos, but Toby really knew how to find my soft spot, and now we are best friends!” Methling said.

Pets can become some of the best friends life has to offer. During the pandemic, our pets have brought us comfort, fun, and laughter. This is such a hard time in all of our lives, and it is important to treat our pets with care and attention since we are home so much.

Some fun ways that OHS students are showing their love for their pets is by creating them their own Instagrams. Freshman Cabella DeBernardi helps run an Instagram for her dogs, Pippen and Posie. DeBernardi’s page has over 800 followers, and she has gained a following of some other famous dogs.

If you are looking for a new addition to your family, remember that there are millions of dogs and cats that are in need of loving homes, and any animal would be forever grateful to live in a house with a family that loves them.

Going for the Gold. Senior Colette Methling holds her Golden Retriever puppy, Toby. Her family got him in Ohio in September 2020. “Toby is the real Heather,” Methling said, in reference to the popular song “Heather” by Conan Gray. (Colette Methling)