Will Anyone Get to Dance The Night Away

Lexi Boe, Editor



Every girl wants to look like Cinderella at prom and dance the night away, however, since last March, Class of 2020 and ‘21 never got to experience one that year. Leaving ‘21 not knowing if they’ll ever get to experience a prom. 


Prom is a big deal to many people. The thought about getting dressed up, putting their favorite make-up on, getting hair and nails done is a process many girls, including myself, look forward to. With new changes to life, Covid-19 leaves everyone wondering what will happen next and how we can overcome the next thing that comes at us.


As disappointment bums many people, some are very disappointed with what might not happen. Senior Bhumika Patel says “I wish we were able to do something for the Seniors as a last goodbye before leaving for college. It’s hard for many of the Seniors with the possibility of not experiencing prom. It’s like a milestone that you can tell your kids about and show them pictures of when you grow older.


With the thoughts of the school year coming to an end, and May creeping around the corner, things will be decided soon whether or not prom will happen. Many Seniors hope for something so they can spend some time with friends before the year ends. What will it look like? Will it happen? What are they going to do? Questions soon to be answered with hope that we will get good news.