Online Learning Not Only Affects Students

Lexi Boe, Editor

Your lives will be changed forever. Imagine dropping everything and learning a whole new way of teaching. Last March, teachers around the world had to experience this change which changed everything. The newly discovered app, Zoom, became everyone’s source of learning and gathering. Little did schools realize this would go on for so long.


Severe discouragement ran through the minds of several students who were forced to learn remotely. However, have you ever wondered what a teacher went through during the pandemic while trying to teach? I hear the frustration from teachers especially when students don’t respond to them. I’ve heard many teachers say how they wished it would go back to normal.


It’s hard to teach when some students don’t listen or pay attention. Teachers are doing their best trying to improve students’ knowledge, but it takes effort on both sides to accomplish that. Learning remotely isn’t easy, but our teachers are doing their best to make sure we do our best. Choir Director Spencer rockford said, “With the teaching subject where I am constantly making teaching decisions based on what I hear- it’s very difficult when you can’t hear many of your students while they are learning the music.”


Lastly, it’s hard to teach when you just stare at the student’s icons. You can tell from the excitement they get, they miss our faces. It’s hard to sit and stare at a screen of your class all day. I know now, with hybrid learning, teachers enjoy seeing their students.


There are so many reasons why we should thank our teachers for all they do for us. They have helped us even when we don’t want help. Next time, make your teachers day and thank them for everything.