Lights, Camera, Action

Lexi Boe, Editor

Lights, camera, action, but let’s make it on zoom. As the last meeting came to an end the drama department put together a show for everyone this year. The students along with Choir Director Spencer Rockford, and Theater Directors Sue Williamson and Sally Talliani worked hard in order to make this work. 

The fall virtual production “A Most Excellent Adventure Through Broadway History” attracted many viewers. You are able to view this production on YouTube. The production touches on some of Broadway’s best monologues and songs.With all that the Coronavirus took from students, the drama students didn’t hold back from giving us an amazing show. Junior Sydney Leonhart said, “ I am so happy we were able to still do a production. This was not an easy feat, but the end product turned out amazing!”

Senior Erin Daniel said, “my favorite parts of drama are how everyone is able to bond. We all knew this year would be tough, but we got through it together. I really appreciate how willing Mr. Rockford, Ms. Williamson, and Mrs. Talliani were to help us through every little rough patch. As a Senior, I’m so grateful that I was able to have something to remember, even with this year’s circumstances.” No matter what, the drama department continued to persevere to give us that production.


No matter how much is taken away from you, don’t let that stop you from doing your best. It’s easy to give up when all hope looks lost, but considering the circumstances the students continued and said,“the show must go on.”