“Wanda Vision” Review

Leah Reed, Journalist

“WandaVision” was one of the most anticipated television shows of 2021 when the pilot aired on January 15, 2021. Marvel fans were excited to see the new show after such long anticipation and hoped to find some answers to the cliffhanger that was Avengers: Endgame.

Wanda (Scarlet Witch) and Vision are the two stars, and their lives as a married couple in a small town called Westview are put on display through a sitcom style show. Viewers are taken through the decades in each episode, and each theme around a different sitcom from that time.

At the beginning of the series, it seems like the two are living an almost perfect life. However, the perfect lives of Wanda and Vision are much more complex than they seem.

It is learned early in the series that Wanda has been controlling the lives of all the Westview residents, including Vision. At first, it seems like she is doing this out of her own selfishness. However, it is learned that she did not mean for any of it to happen.

In the eighth episode titled Previously On, viewers learn that Wanda’s actions were a result of a mental breakdown, and she had no control of what her powers created. In a fit of despair, Wanda unintentionally creates a hex and creates a new Vision, therefore creating her “perfect life.”

The main reason this shows has become so likable is because it gives an immense amount of complexity to Wanda’s character, and as the story evolves, the reasoning behind her questionable actions is revealed.

Many Marvel fans have given her the title as the Avenger who has lost the most, so the roots of her actions are not intentionally adverse. She has lost her entire family and the love of her life, so as the story wraps up, I hope that Wanda gets the ending she deserves.

This show completely shocks me after every episode, and the constant cliffhangers are almost unbearable. However, as a fan of Marvel, “WandaVision” has answered almost all the questions I had after Avengers: Endgame.

While “WandaVision” has answered all previous questions, it also brings new stories and plot elements that will affect the future of the MCU. After every episode, it leaves the viewer wondering what is going to happen next. The show’s unpredictability is what makes it favorable to many, whether they be casual viewers or hardcore fans.

If you are into science fiction, especially Marvel, “WandaVision” is the perfect show. It undeniably leaves you wondering what will happen next after every episode.