How Cheer Is Different This Year

Julia McLean, Journalist

Cheer spirits into their season filled with excitement and hope for the new planned season. The cheerleaders have started gathering again to prepare for the upcoming events. Although this year looks a little different.

The team has over thirty girls on the team freshman through senior. The large number makes gathering hard with the Covid guidelines. Everyone on the team is excited to be back to cheering, but it is not all the same as is used to be. “It has been hard to adapt to the way things have changed because of Covid but it is nice still being able to be a part of the squad and making the best of my last year of cheer,” senior Madi Peterson said. The girls have a positive attitude with whatever they can achieve this year.

The girls are planned to cheer for basketball games and football games before their season ends. The senior girls are having a senior night at a basketball games where parents can attend to watch them. Being a senior this year is different than years passed but, the cheer girls are making the most of it. “Covid really does make the cheer season hard. This is my last year cheering and it has not turned out how like I expected but, we are making the most of it,” senior Tatum Simpko said. Simpko acknowledges that their team has had some hardships adapting to these new faced issues, but a little team bonding can fix anything. “I have gotten a lot closer with a lot of the girls on the team and I am very happy about it. Even though this is not how I expected this year to go I am glad I am going through it with them.

Cheerleaders are no longer allowed to stunt which is a big part of the sport. The girls were upset when they heard this news. Stunting is how the girls usually get the crowd pumped up and show of their athletic abilities. “Cheer has struggled through Covid just as much as other

sports. We aren’t allowed to do stunts anymore.” Which is a lot of the girl’s favorite part. “We are still fortunate to be able to cheer at games,” sophomore Josie Poundstone said.

This year has been a rough year for all sports, but overall cheerleaders are glad to have any season that they can have. The cheerleaders are happy to be a part of the games this spring and look forward to the football season. They keep the school spirit up.

Julia McLean