The Popularity of Tik Tok

Julia McLean, Journalist

Tik Tok is an app that has brought gen Z together as a generation. Just as MTV brought the teenagers of gen X together through a common media source.

Tik Tok is a social media app that started in 2016 but, was not popular until 2019. The app was previously called where people had lip synced to songs. When the app rebranded, they marketed it to be a place of comedy dancing cooking and much more.

On Tik Tok, there is a spot for everyone and that is why it is so popular right now. Everyone wants to fit in and Tik Tok is a place where it is easy to find your people. “I always see different things every time I open the app,” Senior Mary Maltby said.

Throughout 2020 teens have had hardship with social life due to Covid. Covid hit teens hard when they had no social interaction. Many teens turned to Tik Tok. Through the app they connected with people all over the world feeling the same way they felt. According to pre-COVID 10 percent of users ages 15–25 had Tik Tok. During COVID it raised to 28 percent.

Tik Tok supports movements that teenagers feel strongly about like the body positivity movement and supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Tik Tok is a safe place for students.

There are also celebrities on the app and famous Tik Tokers who teens look up to and support. “My favorite Tik Toker is Ladyefron because she is so funny,” senior Avery Landers said.

The community on Tik Tok is inclusive and relatable that is why students love it so much. Gen Z is united through the common media source that everyone loves.

The new craze. Billings films a Tik Tok after class. She has been making dance videos for about a year now. “I’m embarrassed to say it, but I total watching it almost two hours a day. I wish I could stop watching but I think I have on obsession,” Bella Billings said. (Julia McLean)