Boys’ Swim

Leah Reed, Journalist

The boys’ swim team has had a splashtacular season.  Coming 6-2 in their conference, the boys’ swimming team is off to a great start for their 2021 season.

“We have done really well this year, both as a team and individually.  We have not had it easy when it comes to beating our competitors, but we somehow came out on top for most of our meets,” junior Duncan Perry said.

The team had a total of 8 meets, beating out teams including Pontiac, Metamora, and Peoria Notre Dame.  However, their season was cut short when their last meet was cancelled due to an outbreak of COVID-19 at LaSalle Peru.

Unfortunately, COVID has put a damper on the team’s state tournament.  Along with many other teams and organizations, State was cancelled this year.  For the team’s seniors, that was devastating news.

“It has been hard this year with COVID restrictions, but the season is still fun.  I am glad I still have friends I get to swim with at meets.  I do feel bad for the seniors though, because they won’t get a final year at state,” junior Joe Ovanic said.

While there is no scheduled state competition, the swim team has had a great experience during the regular 2021 season.

The team has built a camaraderie over the last year.  Despite the restrictions COVID-19 has put on the team, they were still able to build their team to the best it could be.  Both LaSalle-Peru and Ottawa had great seasons.

Head Above Water. Sophomore Owen Phillips finishes his race. Phillips swims solo races and relays. “I enjoy solo races because I don’t have anyone to depend on, and I can concentrate on myself,” Phillips said. (Leah Reed )