Pirate Press

2020-2021 Staff


Alexandra Boe

Alexandra Boe is a senior who enjoys singing, baking, playing soccer and spending time with friends and family. She is involved in Concert Choir, DoCHANGE peer mentoring, and soccer. She is also on the Worship Team at her church...


Colette Methling

Colette Methling is a senior involved in Poms, Rotary, Superfans, Ottawa Dance Academy's competitive dance team, and is the co-editor of the Pirate Press this year. Ever since she was young, she has loved to dance and has been able...


Dakota Roman

Dakota Roman is a senior who enjoys the leisurely aspects of life such as reading, watching movies, and playing Dungeons and Dragons with her friends. She considers herself a quiet and shy person but is trying to open up to n...


Leah Reed

Leah Reed is a junior who is also a member of the yearbook committee. She also loves to read and collect books. Leah is also a member of the competitive dance team at Ottawa Dance Academy and loves to perform. Her true passion in li...


Julia McLean

Julia McLean is a senior at OTHS she is in many clubs including: Yearbook, Super-fans, student council, Pirate Press and, Do-Change. She is also on the golf and cheer team. Julia works at subway. She enjoys spending time with her...

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