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Taking a Leap of Faith

Senior season is here for the class of 2021. With that being said, college applications are out and rolling. The anxiety is through the roof for many people with the search for the best along with the application process. All of that stress in the midst of a pandemic. Covid had made things more stressful than ever before. For example, some athletes are being forced to commit to their schools bl…

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Alexandra Boe

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Student Life

  • Taking a Leap of Faith
    Senior season is here for the class of 2021. With that being said, college applications are out and rolling. The anxiety
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    Mental Health During a Pandemic
      Alone in a room, staring at a computer screen, a heavy weight in both their chest and shoulders, they sit for hou
  • Pirates in Paradise
    Have you ever considered traveling around the world? Several students and faculty members traveled the world this summer
  • Field Trip Fun
    Journalism, DJ and TV personality Melissa Forman once said, “Just keep moving forward, keep a smile on your face, put
  • Homecoming Royalty
    Being elected to represent your school as a member of the homecoming court is one of the biggest honors a student can re
  • Foreign Exchange and Back
    Going to a new country can be frightening for some people, especially going for a whole year. Living with a different fa


  • Focus Like a Laser
    You’re not really a Pirate until you’ve walked on 600 and heard social science teacher Matt Smith belt out “Welcom
  • Teacher Feature: Lauren Yates
    “Rewarding, commitment, advocate, and passion” are four adjectives that guidance counselor Lauren Yates uses to desc
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    Flash the Fish
    Losing a pet is hard, recently special education teacher Ashley Carls had to go through it. Her class Betta Fish, Flash,
  • Assembly Surprise
    The Ottawa Township High School cheerleaders and their handpicked teachers showed OTHS how the “In My Feelings” chal
  • Helping Hand from Mr. H
    Auto shop teacher, John Hladovak, or “H” as all of his students call him, is teaching one of his students, RJ Cherry
  • Get Your Head in the Game
    Senior Matt Mezel proudly displays his cardboard cutout of head football coach Chad Gross. This is Gross’s first year
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  • ILMEA Audition Prep
    Several OTHS Band and Choir students participated in  Illinois Music Education Association auditions on Saturday, Octob
  • Band Camp
    Even with a gas line break, the Ottawa Township High School Band met everyday to prepare for their 2018 marching season
  • Voter Registration
    Voting allows citizens the right to use their voice, and seniors at Ottawa Township High School who are or are soon to b


  • An Election to Remember
    This year’s election saw record high voter turnout, with at least 159.8 million votes cast around the country.    W
  • Princesses for a Day
    “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.” A fairytale came true when the Pirate Poms held their annual Princess Tea Party fundraiser on
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    Ninja Business
    Lacy Bellino’s freshman homeroom play ninja to de-stress after a long week.  These students are competitive. Freshman
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    Help the Less Fortunate Have a Good Holiday
    Imagine it’s Christmas morning and you come down the stairs to see all the presents under the tree. You can smell the
  • What to Wear to Holiday Parties
    Depending on your style, holidays mean something different for everyone. Some might wear pajamas all day, while others s
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    Hot Chocolate for Breakfast
    What’s a better way to start a cold winter morning than a hot cup of cocoa to warm you up? Hot chocolate is now offere

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